About Us

We are a Staffing and Contract Labor company specializing in the following trades:

Office Personnel
Warehousing & Distribution
Skilled Trades
and more!

It is our goal to connect great companies with the quality talent they are seeking.

From day one we have striven to build an excellent reputation for providing solid jobs to workers around the Gulf Coast and across the country. Also, we pride ourselves on working hard to identify and respond to our clients’ needs, providing them with the highest quality workforce.

Our Unite team has more than 35 years combined experience in the Recruiting and Staffing Industry. Which means we bring to the table, not just hard work and dedication, but also industry knowledge and expertise acquired through the years.  We adapt our approach to meet specific customer needs and work in partnership with our customer to ensure the finest talent is sourced.  

If you are an employer, our team can help provide you with a top-notch workforce to fit your needs. If you are a job seeker, we are committed to matching you with the right career opportunity.

If you would like Information about our Company or Services, Call or Email us